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Have you ever wondered how to tap into the world of energy healing? Look no further. Kirsten Reitan, an experienced practitioner based in Western New York (WNY), provides exceptional energy healing services and education. Her specialties range from Reiki healing and medical qigong to theta healing and chakra work.

Energy healing is a form of alternative medicine that uses the body’s energy field to promote balance and wellness. Its practices have been used across cultures for centuries and have recently been embraced in Western medical communities for their potential to aid in stress relief, pain management, and emotional healing.

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Harness the Power of Medical Qigong for Optimal Health and Wellbeing

n our fast-paced modern world, it’s essential to find effective ways to restore balance and enhance our overall health and wellbeing. One ancient practice that has stood the test of time is medical qigong. Meet Kirsten, a dedicated practitioner who has not only mastered this incredible art but also shares her knowledge and expertise through healing sessions and instructional classes. In this article, we’ll explore the transformative power of medical qigong and how it can empower individuals to cultivate and balance their body’s vital energy, known as “Qi.”

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Migraine Relief with Energy Healing: A Holistic Approach by Kirsten Retain

Migraines can be debilitating, affecting millions of people worldwide. While traditional methods of migraine relief often involve medication and lifestyle changes, an alternative approach gaining popularity is energy healing. In this blog post, we’ll explore how energy healing, as practiced by Kirsten Retain, can offer relief from migraines and promote overall well-being. Read on to discover the potential benefits of energy healing for migraines and how it can be integrated into your holistic wellness routine.

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Reiki Healing

Kirsten’s journey into energy healing began with Reiki, a traditional Japanese healing method that encourages physical, emotional, and spiritual balance through gentle touch. She doesn’t just offer Reiki sessions; she also imparts her knowledge to others by teaching them how to harness this healing power themselves.

Medical Qigong

Expanding her repertoire, Kirsten mastered medical qigong, an ancient Chinese practice that uses specific movements and breathing exercises to cultivate and balance the body’s vital energy, or “Qi”. Kirsten provides both healing sessions and instructional classes on medical qigong, empowering individuals to enhance their health and wellbeing.


ThetaHealing® is another of Kirsten’s specialties. This technique is based on the idea that altering our brain’s theta waves can help us access deeper emotional states and promote healing. Kirsten guides her clients through this process and teaches them how to use theta healing for personal growth.

Crystal  &Chakra Therapy

To further augment her healing practices, Kirsten incorporates crystal therapy and chakra work. By understanding the energies of different crystals and the body’s chakra system, she offers her clients additional methods to improve their energetic health.

hi there! I’m Kirsetn

Hello, I’m Kirsten Reitan, an Energy Healer with extensive experience in various healing modalities. I specialize in Qigong, Reiki, Theta healing, Integrative Energy Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, Mediumship, and psychic readings. As the CEO, Founder, and Owner of TheWholeU and Kir-roma Reikqi LLC, I help individuals achieve profound healing and transformation.

As an Energy Healer-Master Teacher in Qigong, Medical Qigong, and Reiki, and a ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor, I have spent many years mastering these healing modalities. I’m also a Spiritual and Mindset Wellness Counselor/Coach, helping individuals access their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

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